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Representation 1764 on Preferred Options Local Plan by ms Ana Clarke

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Layer de la Haye
Representation: This is a rural community and should remain so. Additional properties would stretch the already struggling infrastructure i.e roads, sewers, surgery, school, shop.

Original submission

Dear Sirs,

I am objecting to the planned development of 50 properties in Layer De La Haye.

The undeveloped land defines the rural character of our village, and this land helps to keep Layer de la Haye in a rural community, this was the reason for moving here. I wish to keep this rural community for the sake of those family living here.

The current infrastructure CANNOT cope with the residents already living in the area and passing motorists. The current road infrastructure needs to be upgraded to be able to manage with the current traffic before adding a further 100+ cars from the development. There would need to be a major infrastructure project taking place on top of construction on the site alone. The bridge going over the roman river is not able to cope with current traffic without adding anymore.

The surgery is already full to capacity and further properties and families moving into the area will stretch this wonderful service to breaking point!! What would happen then? A new surgery would have to be built taking the new families, is this in the plans, it certainly should be! Where would the new surgery be build?

The school will also not be able to cope and local families will then be expected to drive out of Layer de la Haye to school outside the Village. Parents will have rearrange their work schedule in order to drop off and collect their children. Currently, although the road and highways department did some form of work to the round about at layer road. The traffic still remains heavy and backs up Layer road. Making an early morning commute to school and work and unpleasant and frustrating experience.

i hope that all the comments are considered and that respect is paid to those who currently reside in the area.

yours faithfully

A Clarke

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