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Representation 1746 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Dr J Crummy

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Copford and Copford Green, SS5: Copford Housing Sites
Representation: Objections to site South of London Road:
Prime agricultural land
Poor and unsustainable use of space
Inadequate and non-upgradable access

Original submission

Objections to site South of London Road:
The land to be developed is prime agricultural land which should be preserved. Some hedgerow is developed and also should be preserved.
The development will be low-density suburban housing in an area with minimal facilities - higher density development in areas with walkable facilities is preferable for sustainability. Colchester already has many large areas of suburban housing.
Access via Hall Road is inadequate for construction or significant population and cannot be expanded due to banks at the sides of the road.
No pavement for pedestrian access via Hall Road. Alternative pedestrian access point not yet identified in the plan, and the plan doesn't allow for cycle use of the pedestrian route.

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