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Representation 1741 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Jill Stebbing

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17c: Caravan Parks
Representation: Added traffic and parking problems. No buses passing most of the sites, no room to build bike lanes so sustainable leisure transport very unlikely. Abuse of the requirement for caravan owners to have a main address elsewhere where sites have been given extended opening - some have children attending the local school. Extending the sites would add to this problem

Original submission

The summer population on Mersea may bring an economic benefit to local shops but at the cost of congested roads around the village and parking problems. The idea of "sustainable transport for leisure users" is laudable but very unlikely. Buses don't go past most of the sites and are infrequent. Bike lanes? No room. There is no space for road expansion or extended parking areas so the only outcome is more traffic.
The current licencing of sites requiring caravan owners to have a main residence elsewhere is widely abused. Already there are families living on the sites with children attending the local school. We have been asked if we know of anywhere availabe for short term rent during the closed winter months as their children were at Mersea School. Extending the sites would exacerbate the problem.

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