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Representation 174 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Robert Miller

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: Doctors will not cope - School will not cope - Supermarket will not cope - roads the strood in particular will not cope - parking in Town already a nightmare - Island is already at breaking poimt - build on mainland where there is employment

Original submission

There should be no further housing development on Mersea Island whatsoever. 350 houses will bring between 700 & 1000 more inhabitants & between 360 & 700 more cars to an already overstretched community with only one road to get on & off the island and that is covered by the tide twice a day several times a month. Parking in the town is already a nightmare & the doctors are at capacity now & we all know that it is impossible to recruit GP's anywhere in the country let alone at a place out on a limb like Mersea. Roads & pavements are inadequate on the Island particularly in the town where inevitabley all these proposed new inhabitants will visit. We have one main supermarket that already can't cope with demand & the school is surrounded by development and cannot be enlarged. There is no employment on the Island for these new proposed inhabitants so everyone of those afore mentioned cars will have to travel off & on the Island across the strood each day. The ridiculous situation we had recently with traffic lights causing queues back to the town one way and to Langenhoe the other way would mean complete gridlock. I urge common sense to prevail and build the houses on the mainland.

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