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Representation 173 on Preferred Options Local Plan by William Bartram

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - West Colchester, WC2: Stanway
Representation: Objection to proposed development along London Road, Copford on the grounds of increased congestion at the north end of London Road and increased flood risk along the path of Roman River

Original submission

Regarding designated land for development between Hall Road and Queensberry Avenue, north and south of London Road.

I am concerned that further development along London Road, particularly in light of new development to the north of London Road, Stanway, will lead to unmanageable levels of congestion on London Road heading into Stanway.

Increased traffic and congestion will have a negative affect on the community. In addition to this I am concerned about the safety of children entering and leaving schools/nurseries located along London Road.

Regarding these sites, I would also ask the council to fully investigate the affects of the proposed developments on the potential for ground water flooding which exists along the path of the Roman River. Having recently purchased a property close to the Roman River I have acquired a flood risk survey which I attach to this representation. As can be seen a flood plain exists to the north of Copford Manor and runs across London Road to the east of Hall Road. Further development close to the river will reduce available land for natural "soak away" meaning that more water will end up running into the river, exacerbating the risk of future flooding. The council should also note that any future flooding will not only affect Copford Manor and London Road but will also, most likely, include the elderly care home at the top of Willow Park.

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