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Representation 1719 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Brian Drury

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Great Horkesley
Representation: Sufficient additional housing is alreading being built at the Chesterwell site and the future proposed development on the Severalls Hospital site will add further housing. Why not leave Great Horkesley out of any future requirement for development. I want to live in a Rural village not an Urban extention of Colchester.

Original submission

Having resided in Great Horkesley for 43 years and witnessed the expansion of the village during those years. I am somewhat surprised to see a proposal for futher housing development in Great Horkesley within the Borough Plan. The infrastructure of the village has not been improved since the four main residential areas within the village were built. The A134 will not sustain the traffic flow generated by any further development for housing. Modern housing developements do not seem to provide adequate parking facilities, it is many years since the average family had one car and now the standard is at least three cars per houshold. This equates to an approximate increase in vehicles located within the 93 proposed properties, of an additional 293 vehicles. When these are added to the vehicles already located in the four present housing estates, the traffic impact on the A 134 is going to be far more difficult than it is now and it is difficult now. The plan indicates the provision of a cycle path to join with the new estate at Chesterwell. this begs the question of where and how would a cycle path be accommodated, particularly under the A12 bridge? The building of new housing in Great Horkesley on Green Field sites removes the rural aspect of the village. I feel that we already have sufficient housing in Great Horkesley and with the current developments at Chesterwell and planned future development for housing on the Severalls site there should be sufficient housing provided at both these site to accommodate future housing needs, without adding to the current level of housing within the village of Great Horkesley.

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