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Representation 171 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Louise Cotton

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Layer de la Haye, SS12: Layer de la Haye
Representation: Poor infrastructure in the village. Pressure on local Doctor`s Surgery. Village School is full. Concern over works traffic during construction a risk to residents and children

Original submission

I have lived in Layer de la Haye since 1993. My children have all attended the local school and we live in Greate House Farm Road which I understand is to be the proposed access road for 50 homes to be put on the field at the end of my road.

The infrastructure of the village is busting at the seams. The doctors, which has always had a good reputation is now one of the worst in the area. Appointments can be held at a number of surgeries so a car is required. The bus service is extremely poor and if you are going out in the evening and want to get a bus home, you would need to catch the 18.30 as this is the last bus from town.

The village school is also full and it is my understanding that there are already 3 children who live in the village who are unable to attend the school. This will of course become even more problematic when the 50 houses have been built although I understand that the council advise that this would only generate 3 children! How this number is worked out I have no idea.

From a personal point of view, I am rather concerned about the works traffic which will cause a lot of disruption to my road. We have a lot of children who like to play outside and this road will now be considered very dangerous. Not only will we have works traffic whilst the houses are being built, but once built the extra traffic will also cause a lot of disruption and extra noise. Please note that Greate House Farm Road is a windy narrow road where cars are usually parked either side. It is certainly not suitable for large construction vehicles, let alone extra traffic.

I am sure many people have voiced their views but would like the above noted.

With kind regards,


Louise Cotton
15 Greate House Farm Road,
Layer de la Haye
Essex. CO2 0LP

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