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Representation 1702 on Preferred Options Local Plan by mrs Elaine Akker

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: Strain on Medical Centre
Strain on School
Economy with regards to visitors to Mersea
Employment security for Oyster Producers with regards to strain on sewage centre

Original submission

With regards to West Mersea considered to be a sustainable location for some housing growth, as a resident of West Mersea I feel there is a great deal of evidence to the contrary. The Medical Practice is under considerable pressure with patients waiting a considerable time for appointments, not only residents but people who stay at the caravan parks.

With regards to the local school. A potential increase in the number of children requiring school places would, I feel, put an enormous strain on both the teachers and resources. It is not merely an increase in classroom space and extra teachers which would be required but the practicalities of recreational outdoor and dining space, in addition due to the caravan sites now extending their licensing to 12 months, there is now the potential of school children from these sites.

We have many visitors to Mersea, not only day trippers but people who come for their holidays either renting a caravan, renting a house or apartment or staying at one of the local pubs. They come for the unique experience that Mersea can offer. These visitors fuel an economy within Mersea, keeping our shops and restaurants vibrant and employing local people. I fear that with these developments we are in danger of changing Mersea forever and not for the better.
The local producers of our local oyster are concerned with the effect these developments will have on the local sewage centre as there are regular problems now and as there are over 100 people who rely on this business for their livelihoods they are naturally
concerned for their jobs.

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