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Representation 1681 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Gaynor Laight

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - West Colchester, Stanway Area Housing/Other Allocations, Land between Churchfields Avenue, Church Lane and Partridge Way
Representation: This area is not suitable for development - especially into flats.The original designation , 2002, should stand.

Original submission

I am writing to object and the reasons for my objections are as follows and are the same as those previously submitted:

1. Parking - there is insufficient parking already on this development and the proposal of single parking plots for each flat/house for plots 13-28.is quite ridiculous. Allowing these plans to proceed will increase curb side parking which the estate can barely accommodate as even now there is insufficient parking. The increased curb side parking will have an impact on highway safety and the convenience of road users. At present houses and flats previously built all have a garage and yet people still park on the curb side, roads and verges. Additionally the road adjacent is on a hill almost which in winter. after snow. has proved to be impassable, this will be even worse with cars parked on this road,

2. The Removal of an open space, obscuring view of exit and entrance into Lakelands. The proposed development is of an unacceptably high-density and
demonstrates an over development of the site at the expense of desperately needed green space and the open aspect of the neighbourhood.

3. The location of the proposed plots 13-28 is on land which I understand was previously designated for the development of two properties. This would be more acceptable with similar off-road parking provided to other existing dwellings in the immediate area.

4 I feel that due to recent work on this area i.e. gas etc that this is now approaching fait accompli and the Colchester Council and the planning committee have already agreed and have not taken into account the area, future education and medical facilities and well being of local residents

I feel a great deal of sympathy for those whose quality of life will be affected. by this proposed development. Surely there is sufficient land waiting to be built on without having to overdevelop this patch of land.

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