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Representation 168 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Frances Fergus

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Other Villages and Countryside, OV1: Development in Other Villages and Countryside
Representation: The amount of land submitted is substantial and includes back land which has become a valuable wildlife sanctuary, development would cause the loss of habitat and the displacement of wildlifeIncrease in traffic accessing St.Ives road would exacerbate existing problems with speeding traffic.

Original submission

Ref to' - Land sites in Peldon ( No 195, No 196 and No 205 ) submitted later for inclusion within the New Local Plan.
Ref to - My previous 2 letters dated 25/2/15 and 18/4115 regarding 4 land sites submitted for inclusion within the New Local Plan.

Dear Beverley,

I am sorry to intrude upon your busy day, but I am writing to you urgently as time is now limited. I refer to my 2 previous letters as above, which I wrote to you in response to the 4 Peldon land sites, which had been submitted for inclusion within the New Local Plan. I did not anticipate however, that 3 additional land sites would be
submitted later (referred to above) details about which I was completely unaware until very recently. I have to say, that it was especially alarming to receive details regarding (No 205) which identifies that the owners of Hosplant, have submitted the vast majority of their land for inclusion within the New Local Plan. This has been a profound shock and I trust, that both you and your colleagues will allow me the opportunity to address my concerns and to explain my opposition to the inclusion of site No 205 within the New Local Plan.

My husband and I have lived in Peldon for many years and during that time we have had to confront 3 separate planning applications from the previous owner of the land, which was formerly - St.Ives Farm and is now Hosplant. It was an exhausting experience as every application dragged on for years and overwhelmed a large part of our lives. However, each planning application to develop the land failed, as three consecutive Inspectors of the Environment were all concerned as I recall, that development on that site would impact adversely on the surrounding unspoilt open farmland and the development would be seen clearly from distant aspects, being sited on the rise of a hill. There were of course more issues that determined their decisions, but it would appear that the visual suburban impact of development backfilling within a rural landscape would seem to have had a significant influence on the Inspectors' resulting decisions to reject the development applications - each and every time that they were submitted over a period of many years.

However, I have always supported the owners of Hosplant and the development of their business. I have never objected to the buildings that they have erected on site for the use of the business. They have transformed a derelict farm into a tidy and efficient business that is of benefit to the local community and a credit to their hard work and endeavour. They have transformed the back land into a well managed green field that is full of wildlife and the lagoons are an aquatic paradise that attracts a variety of waterfowl including herons, suggesting that the lagoons must be alive with a multitude of aquatic wildlife also. Adrian and Gary have succeeded in making the

perfect partnership between business interest and the provision of a sanctuary for the benefit of wildlife and Nature.

They have been the most amiable and helpful neighbours and I believe also, that we have reciprocated likewise for their mutual benefit also. It is therefore with the greatest, heartfelt regret, that for the first time - I have no option but to oppose the inclusion ofland site No 205 within the New Local Plan for the following reasons.

I .It is a significant factor, that an enclosing boundary line was put in place on the plans originally, to contain Hosplant's business development from any potential expansion and encroachment onto the rear green field and I would assume, that this constraining boundary remains in place.

2. The amount of land submitted by Hosplant for inclusion within the New Local Plan is very substantial and includes almost all of the back land which has become a valuable wildlife sanctuary and this puts at risk potentially, the continued
conservation of this land with the ultimate threat regarding loss of habitat and the displacement of wildlife.

3. From a personal perspective, our property shares a long boundary with Hosplant's adjacent land and we would be devastated, along with our immediate neighbours if those wonderful views - both near and in the distance were to be destroyed by suburban development, an issue raised by previous Inspectors of the Environment, concerned that backfilling development on this site would impact adversely on the views as seen locally and from a distant aspect.

4. Any backfilling development on this site would create an alien aspect set adjacent to a swathe of arable fields and noise problems undoubtedly would replace tranquillity.

5. An increase in traffic accessing St.Ives Rd would exacerbate existing problems of speeding traffic. A recent speed survey was undertaken for one week and although the results were presented in the form of an average speed, a Peldon resident was able to reveal the following results by analysis.
St.Ives Rd Southbound -49% were driving above the 30mph speed limit. Speeds of 45-50mph recorded.
St.Ives Rd Northbound -49% were driving above the 30mph speed limit. 50-60 mph recorded

6. Peldon has accommodated a very fair amount of new houses over the years and 5 new dwellings have been built very recently on the site of the old Peldon garage. However, Peldon has very few facilities and most needs and requirements have to be sourced outside the village either by car or by public transport and bus fares are not cheap.

In conclusion, I would like to comment on land site No l 95 submitted for inclusion within the New Local Plan. I feel that it would be a great pity if this piece of land in the heart of the village, that has lain dormant and undisturbed for so many years, should be subjected to development upheaval, which undoubtedly would damage the

natural established environment of this site. It is recorded inthe VDS that 77% of Peldon villagers do not want the central part of the village to be developed and therefore, I oppose the inclusion of site No 195 within the New Local Plan.

Thanking you so much for your kind attention,

Yours Sincerely,

Frances Fergus (Mrs)

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