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Representation 1676 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Colchester United Football Club represented by Lawson Planning Partnership Ltd (Natalie Harris)

Support / Object: COMMENT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Strategic Sports, DM4: Sports Provision
Representation: High quality sports facilities provision will make a significant contribution to participation in sporting excellence, on this basis CUFC is supportive of this policy approach. However, policy DM4 notes that the delivery of new sports facilities will be focused at 3 hub sites. It is important that the policy does not restrain or inhibit other sports development proposals. The following wording should be added to policy DM4:
"Proposals for the provision of sports facilities and new sports grounds at locations well related to the functional requirements of the proposed use will also be supported."

Original submission

See Lawson Planning Partnership Ltd statement and appendices dated September 2016 as submitted via email and post

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