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Representation 1632 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Joe Appleton

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Rowhedge, SS14: Land to the south of Battleswick Farm Rowhedge Road
Representation: - No educational places at Rowhedge School once the wharf has been developed. Existing and new village schoolchildren will have to be driven across town, or use the woeful half-hourly bus service, ever increasing the demand on East Colchester's residential roads.

- Doctors surgery, which also serves surrounding rural villages, will also become overwhelmed.

- Loss of precious green space and natural border from Old Heath.

- The surrounding fields of the farm will be lost due to the underground works needed to provide waste water, sewage and utility facilities. This is a total waste of viable farm land.

- Flooding concerns.

Original submission

Approval of this plan would be the beginning of the end for rural Colchester as it would set a precedent for applications for housing estates on farmland and land that is supposed to be protected by the Green Belt policy.

St Lawrence School will shortly have no places left at all for new children due to the 260 homes being built on the wharf site. The wharf development must see the end of housing building in Rowhedge - there is little room for the school or pre-school to expand, meaning more cars on the road to take schoolchildren to wherever the next available place is - more than likely in the New Town schools, which then causes shortages in that area. These cars would add yet more traffic to the very congested residential streets of East Colchester, which are not equipped for high volumes of traffic.

It is also unavoidable for these cars not to travel past Old Heath School and the very busy junction between Old Heath Road and Abbots Road.

The Planning Department need to think very very carefully about the provision of eduction and the employment opportunities available to East Colchester - these are vastly different to the North and West areas of town.

Please make the right decision and protect our farmland from development - please take into consideration the privacy concerns of those living in Hillview Close, and the very real flooding issues experienced during periods of heavy rainfall, when Birch Brook floods the gardens of Hillview Close and travels on into Marsh Crescent, blocking its junction with Rowhedge Road.

I and many other lifelong villagers firmly believe that the farm and the sloping field is a totally inappropriate location for houses, particularly as it is bordered to two sides with established houses, many of which would have their privacy totally compromised by a the arrival of a housing estate literally in their back gardens - many properties only have a 30ft boundary to the field, and frequently find their back gardens flooded by excess water from Birch Brook.

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