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Representation 1608 on Preferred Options Local Plan by mr michael stawicki

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Copford and Copford Green
Representation: 1. Road inadequite too small
2. Conservation Area /Roman river Valley area of outstanding beauty
3. Back land developement
4. Prime farm land
5. plenty Brown field alternatives

Original submission

I live at Keepers Cottage opposite the proposed development and the views of my and myself are that most importantly that Hall Raod is not a wide enough as it is a single track road .If i was to park outside of my house as it is only 900mm from the road only small vehicles could pass . There is no footpath along Hall Road again making access dangerous . The site splay onto the main road is also inadaquate again too narrow and no means of widening. The second reason is the conservation areas of the Roman River and the Ancient Woods of Pits Wood would be encroached upon and one wonders when there are brown field sites avialable why would you have the need to build on an area of outstanding beauty and more importantly with the exit of the UK from the EU should we be building on prime farming land when surely we must think of being self supporting in these unsure times. The next point is that the proposed plans would be building behind existing houses which smacks of back land development and lack of fore thought in planning vision . We have a beautifull village to squeeze in on a single track road to a conservation area would surely spoil the charm of living in Copford

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