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Representation 1505 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Graeme Lockwood

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - North Colchester, NC3: North Colchester
Representation: 1. Further erosion of Green Belt and Recreational Amenity.

2. Road Infrastructure currently cannot handle the current traffic volumes at peak times, therefore any increase would further impact on this critical road network.

3. Access via Achnacone Drive private property not secured.

Original submission

I object to the Preferred Options Local Plan NC3 due to the following:

1. The proposed Development of Green Belt and Recreational Land for the building of 88 homes is not in accordance with the Governments National Policy Framework for the protection of Green Belt and sustainable development.

2. Lack of infrastructure to support an addition 88 homes in this area; Bergholt Road (B1508) and North Station Traffic Management System do not have the capability to effective manage the existing volumes of traffic negotiating this critical artery; Bergholt Road should have the yellow line time of operation increased from 8.00am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday and the pedestrian crossings at North Station Bus Stop should be changed to 'flashing' amber type which would significantly improve traffic flow at busy periods.

3. The development on Colchester Golf Club Practice Ground is proposed to be accessed via a privately owned residential property therefore the proposal is not deliverable for the development of those 30 homes until such times that the access to the proposed development has been secured.

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