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Representation 1492 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Essex Bridleways Association (Susan Dobson)

Support / Object: COMMENT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - North Colchester
Representation: Include access for equestrians rather than purely catering for pedestrians and cyclists

Original submission

Paragraph 6.14: we note in this point that it is intended to 'support the sport and leisure theme and promote active healthy lifestyles...Measures need to be included in the masterplan to provide safe, direct, cohesive walking and cycle linkages...' We feel that this statement needs further clarification as to how these measures will be considered - full access for all users of course is the missing point here and a commitment to give full access should be embedded into this Policy. We request that the opportunity to provide these links accessible to ALL vulnerable road users, including equestrians, is taken which will benefit the full range of users, including the disabled.

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