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Representation 1467 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Ms Susanna Harrison represented by Fenn Wright (Mr Roger Hayward)

Support / Object: COMMENT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Strategic Issues and Policies, Infrastructure and Connectivity, SP4: Infrastructure and Connectivity
Representation: Objection to elements of this Policy by reason of the lack of detail in the Garden Community proposal and the Plan's failure to require a strategic infrastructure delivery plan in advance of housing growth

Original submission

We support Policy SP4 and the need for a strategic approach to the delivery of infrastructure and connectivity. However, as acknowledged by the Plan, most of the proposals outlined in Para's 2.49 to 2.73 are idealistic and there is no clear timetable for their delivery "to serve the needs arising from new development". Accordingly, the West of Braintree and East of Colchester Garden Communities proposals are likely to lead to significant impacts on existing local roads of infrastructure before a strategic infrastructure plan is put in place. The failure to require a coordinated infrastructure and housing development delivery strategy as a specific pre-condition to these Garden Communities proposals is considered a major failing of the Plan.

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