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Representation 1446 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Eileen Smith

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Great Horkesley, SS9: Great Horkesley
Representation: Agricultural land is valuable and should be farmed. If the value of Sterling falls, we will need to produce food and reduce imports of food.

Houses should be built according to need. Why so many four bedroom houses when most are only lived in by two people?

Promises not to develop north of the A12 are being broken.

Sensible and workable proposals are needed to increase, for example, medical provision, and other infrastructure like access by road to North Station.

Original submission

I am concerned that the proposed development on the Great Horkesley manor site would again be taking up valuable agricultural land as has happened nearby on the Chesterwell site. I feel that with the probable drop in the value of Sterling, we will need to produce as much food as possible in order to reduce the amount of imports.

We do have a housing crisis, which has to be addressed, so why are we building so many 4 bedroomed houses? In many cases only 2 people occupy these. Some sensible planning is needed.

Some years ago the council promised there would be no further building north of the A12 and now with the intensity of the development surrounding Myland, and the Severall sites etc., what sensible proposals are there to increase the size of the hospital, together with other facilities and infrastructure, for example, the roads down to the North Station?

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