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Representation 1441 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Sara Wass

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Rowhedge
Representation: There is already housing being built at present.
More housing will put a huge strain on the village Doctors surgery, pre-school & primary school which are already full. There will be extra traffic in a village where parking is horrific. Rowhedge will no longer be a village if the strip of land that separates us & Old Heath, is built on & the village will lose its identity.
Valuable farmland & wildlife will also be lost, not to mention the prospect of Birch Brook flooding.
Potentially more planning/housing could be built if this application is granted & the village will change forever.

Original submission

Rowhedge Village is currently having housing being built with at least 179 new houses. This alone will put a huge strain on the already full Doctors surgery, pre-school & primary school. Any more extra houses will exacerbate this - the neighbouring schools in Old Heath & Fingringhoe are full as is the Doctors surgery in Wimpole Road. The hugely significant volume in traffic will be detrimental to the ebb & flow of this quiet village.
Village - something Rowhedge will no longer be if it gets swallowed up & merges into Old Heath. The strip of farm land between Battleswick Farm & Rowhedge Road is the key to Rowhedge being a village. Visitors come to Rowhedge as it a lovely quaint old fashioned village - will they still visit if it's all merged into Old Heath?
There will be susbstantial loss of wildlife to the farmland & there is the worry of Birch Brook (at the bottom of Hillview Close) being more susceptible to flooding than it already is at present.
The community may be affected as people presently look out for each other & the dynamics may well change.
I have lived in Rowhedge for over 22 years & it is a wonderful place to live. I have seen new housing being built on Marsh Crescent & now the Wharf is being developed on, so it's not as if Rowhedge hasn't done its bit to help with the lack of housing. If this is passed for 60 houses by the very aggressive Gladman, then we can probably expect to see the rest of the strip of land along Rowhedge Road being developed in future years & we can say a sad Goodbye to this beatiful waterside village.

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