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Representation 1438 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Paul Doyle

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Rowhedge, SS14: Land to the south of Battleswick Farm Rowhedge Road
Representation: The proposed development will negatively impact the character of the local community, and residential amenities of nearby residents. Local infrastructure - already under pressure - will be affected negatively, and there is no evidence of any consideration of environmental factors specific to the site and its immediate surroundings. For these reasons, the proposed site should be rejected.

Original submission

I would like to register my objection to the proposed approval for future development at the Battleswick Farm site. I object for the following reasons.
1. As is noted, there is currently under development a further 170 dwellings within the village. As yet, the impact of this on the nature and character of the village is not known. For development in any area to be sustainable and its impact measured, that development must be carried out in phases. To agree to an additional growth whilst the impact of previously agreed development is still unknown is shortsighted, particularly as much of the existing village is a conservation area and afforded protection as such.
2. Existing infrastructure. The local schools, doctors and transport facilities, including road and public transport, are currently under increasing pressure from volume of footfall. The wharf development will increase this significantly. With no plans currently to increase or otherwise improve capacity in either schooling, health services or public transport in the area, quite apart from drainage and other factors, it would be damaging to the local community to agree to further development locally which will undoubtedly increase the number of residents and prospective users of these facilities.
3. Environmental impact. As noted, much of the local greenfield land is currently designated as Coastal Protection belt. Has a full environmental assessment been carried out to ascertain the impact of the new development on these areas? As the proposed area of land is near a stream that is known locally to be a source of wildlife, is it known whether any protected species are resident? And has the impact of the flooding of the stream on the proposed site been assessed accurately?
4. Development of the proposed site will undoubtedly impact the residential amenities of community members whose properties are adjacent to the site.
5. It is presumed that access to the proposed site would be via Rowhedge road. This is already heavily used at peak times, and the impact of a significant number of dwellings to this traffic flow would require changes to the road layout to be made to manage traffic flow. Traffic would then join Old Heath Road at a heavily congested T-junction, and add pressure to an already overloaded road infrastructure in a part of town where there is no available space to widen or otherwise increase capacity on the roads.

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