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Representation 1428 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Teri Duckworth

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Great Horkesley, SS9: Great Horkesley
Representation: SO MANY things NEED to be improved prior to new developments:

Walking along A134 with two toddlers is horrifically dangerous. Pavements need improving.

Extending new village hall completely unnecessary.

Provision of Scout hut mentioned, but what about Guides?

Traffic from Horkesley to town is gridlocked.

Increase in crime.

The school is oversubscribed but children need space to play, develop and learn. To take any playground away to facilitate extensions would be detrimental to children attending the school.

Hospital needs expanding due to population increase.

The infrastructure of this village NEEDS to be improved prior to any new developments. Then you will have my support.

Original submission

I do not object to the two proposed housing developments themselves, however there are SO MANY other things that need to be looked at and developed prior to these developments taking place. Funding is clearly going to the wrong areas...

- Walking anywhere along the A134 at any time of day with my two young toddlers is horrifically dangerous. Speed limits are regularly exceeded. Most importantly, the pavements between the new estate and the village shop/post office need a lot of improvement, as do the pavements between Great Horkesley and the new Chesterwell development (as well as a reduction in the speed limit?). Maybe then there would be less traffic at the school as people would be more willing to walk there instead of getting in their cars. In addition a proper crossing needs to be put in on Coach Road, especially without a lollipop person being present.

- Extending the new village hall is completely unnecessary. We are told that the hall is overbooked, yet on the majority of occasions when I walk past the hall on a daily basis it is empty and unused. I have booked the hall previously and have bookings for the future, and have to say the process of booking the hall has not been an easy one! It has been MUCH easier and quicker to book halls in other villages over the last couple of years. I understand that those administering the hall bookings do so on a voluntary basis, but it could be handled a lot better. Then maybe the "need" for extending the hall wouldn't be so apparent. There is also the old village hall - if the new hall is so overbooked, why not send some bookings to the old hall and sell that a bit more?!

- Provision of a scout hut has been mentioned, but what about provisions for Guides and Brownies? Would they also be permitted to use the facilities?

- As with most of Colchester, the traffic from Great Horkesley into town and towards the station really needs to be looked at. There is absolutely no incentive for residents of Horkesley to use the park and ride, as it is cheaper for us to drive into and park in town, and the hours of operation of the park and ride are ridiculous, meaning my husband can't use it to and from the station anyway. The road from Chesterwell area to the Asda/station roundabouts is often gridlocked, and this MUST be looked at and improved prior to any more houses being built in the area. The traffic is only going to get worse, especially with the current Chesterwell development and the other areas of new houses along that road.

- There seems to have been a major increase in crime just over the last few years that we have lived in Great Horkesley. This needs to be looked at to make sure it does not get worse if more houses are to be built.

- I understand that the village school is oversubscribed and this would only get worse if more houses were to be built in the area. However I STRONGLY object to the current school being extended in any way. I strongly believe that children need space to play, develop and learn, and to take any of the playground/field area away in order to facilitate any extensions would be detrimental to those children attending the school. Other ideas need to be put forward to overcome this problem.

- I really worry about the future of the hospital. The staff there do an amazing job but I really feel that the hospital itself is on the verge of breaking point, purely due to the number of people it now has to cater for. It is of utmost importance that the hospital is expanded before any more houses are built in the Colchester area. I have always received fantastic service at Mile End doctor surgery, but also worry about this too due to the Chesterwell development and should the population of Great Horkesley be extended further still.

The infrastructure of this village and the surrounding area NEEDS to be considered and improved, prior to these new developments going ahead. Then you will have my support for these new housing developments.

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