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Representation 142 on Preferred Options Local Plan by miss louise jacobs

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Rowhedge, SS14: Land to the south of Battleswick Farm Rowhedge Road
Representation: Colchester Council can't deal with the problems we have at the moment such as flooding, schools, nhs, traffic.
Why create a whole lot of new problems when they cant manage what is currently going on in our town?
they need to take careful consideration in the problems that building on the farm will incur.
Better still come up to the farm and see how bad it floods when my horses are ankle deep in water and i use sandbags to stop the flooding!!

Original submission

No that we are out of the EU, we need all the arable farming fields we can get. Archie does a fantastic job and has done for over 25 years.
By building on this land the council will create more problems such as
If i want to go over to Tesco's or drive through the Hythe i have to go before 3:45 or after 6:15, otherwise it is bumper to bumper. how is creating more housing therefore more traffic going to solve this problem that colchester already has?

I own the horses that are on Battleswick, every year without fail my fields will flood and so does my stable. This year we had extremely heavy rain from March through til April my stable was a good 8/9 inches in water and i had used sand bags. It runs through my stable and out into Archie's pond where he then has to pump water for days onto that field you wish to build on.
How will the council deal with the flooding situation? the fields are designed to ease flooding, you take away that field you are going to cause countless flooding of the "new" and existing homes.
The council cant even deal with the flooding that happens now in Colchester- take Haven road, it never used to flood until Albany gardens was built...

Schools and Doctors:
Quite simple they are full and cannot cope

we have some amazing wildlife including a pair of barn owls which i see quite regularly. Surely we should be doing more for a wildlife as humans seem to not care about them or their habitats at all and just keep building on their nesting and feeding grounds?

as stated in my first comment, surely we need to embrace and cherish our farm land as we are now out of the EU.

Affordable homing:
i am 27 and still at home living with my parents who are both retired we get NO help from benefits etc. How is this right? The council say they will make affordable homes but its utter rubbish the new builds are more expensive than buying an older property.

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