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Representation 1413 on Preferred Options Local Plan by William Bramhill

Original submission

In addition to my previous objection on this, I would add that we should look at the example from France, where they try to keep junctions on inter-city roads to a minimum, perhaps building new parallel roads for local traffic between junctions; we should also look at the depth of construction of roads between the two countries. I believe I am right in saying that UK roads are not as deep, which means they suffer greater subsidence and wear and therefore more costly and inconvenient repairs. My first point here would seem to go against a plan for more junctions on the A120 North of Salary Brook and it would be good if CBC had a Plan B should Highways England refuse permission. The second point could help to reduce disruption in years to come, if Essex chooses to press for deeper road foundations; I have hear that these are the reason for French roads having a far smoother and consistent road surface.

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