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Representation 141 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Morwenna Sudbery

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Great Horkesley, SS9: Great Horkesley
Representation: Not sustainable (poor bus service; very car dependent), threat to the rural character of the village, drain on amenities.

Original submission

Great Horkesley is not as sustainable a location as claimed, particularly the northern section of the village (where the school lane development is located). Contrary to what is stated, there is no "good" bus service - it is hourly at best with no Sunday service. The northern part of the village is disconnected from the Southern end. It is a very long distance to walk and so those in the north drive to the village hall, playground and school. Those in the South drive to the shop. It is also not safe to walk. The traffic is heavy on a major A road and the speed limit is regularly not adhered to. The pavement is often on one side of the road only and not always on the same side so pedestrians have to cross. Are there sufficient school and doctors places? If any development were to be allowed, please impose conditions including improving pavements for the entirety of the village (and putting in pavements on both sides of the road) and traffic calming measures. The north end of the village would greatly benefit from an extension to the 30mph zone (perhaps to London Rd). I object to both developments and more so to the school lane development due to its less sustainable location, the more rural character of this end of the village, and the risk of development thereafter expanding into the agricultural fields beyond. I also raise concern about the ability of the local roads to cope with all the extra traffic, once Chesterwell is built (in addition to all the other services). Do we have sufficient infrastructure and other services and amenities to cope with all this extra development in one sector of Colchester? Where would the children go to secondary school? St Helena is catchment (and therefore more car journeys) and I understand the new Chesterwell school will only have capacity for those living in the new estate. In addition, Great Horkesley should retain its character as a rural village, distinct from urban Colchester.

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