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Representation 1372 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Julie Pearson

Support / Object: COMMENT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, West Mersea
Representation: I would invite the Council to take into consideration the existing year on year development on Mersea Island; the affect on services and infrastructure; safety issues regarding Bradwell Nuclear site and flooding; and the nature of the possible developments.

Original submission

Mersea Island is an island with a road link to the mainland which, at times, is cut by high tides. It is situated within 3 miles from the Bradwell nuclear site, which is facing possible redevelopment. Future development of Mersea should warrant an up to date evacuation plan in the event of flooding or nuclear accident. These proposals should also take into account the (approx.) 25 houses a year being built already. Future development should include proposals for improvements to water/sewerage provision; health; public transport and roads; education - improving or supplementing the existing primary school and building a new secondary school to the south of Colchester; Fire Service and other emergency services. Consideration should also be given to employment opportunities for the "new" occupiers. I would suggest greater emphasis should be put on first time buyer style properties, rather than higher-end commuter/family-style properties, which would address some of these issues.

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