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Representation 1370 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Philip Marlow-Mann

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Rowhedge, SS14: Land to the south of Battleswick Farm Rowhedge Road
Representation: My objection to include Battleswick Farm land in the Local Plan is based on the ability of the village infrastructure to accommodate it and the long term damage to the character of the village. Taken with the planed 256 additional houses from the Wharf program this represents a 30% increase in village size. It is also a dangerous precedent for future development. The existing and much needed farmland is necessary to maintain the separation from Old Heath & preserve Rowhedge village status for future generations. CBC has a very real responsibility to take this into account in its determination.

Original submission

I would like to strongly object to the proposal to include the land to the south of Battleswick Farm (and of course Battleswick Farm itself) in the Local Plan being produced by Colchester Borough Council.

Rowhedge already has planning permission for an additional 256 houses on the Wharf development project (256 not the 170 you state in 6.186 of your plan). Therefore inclusion of this area and development of a further 60+ houses would put an intolerable strain on infrastructure of the village, Schools, medical facilities and roads/ transportation would be further stretched and unlikely to be able to cope.

Taken with the Wharf program this would represent an increase in the village of 30% which would further change the character of the village. The inclusion of this land would also be the thin end of the wedge and create a precedence for future applications to extend and build, encroaching on the separation barrier from Old Heath, which preserves Rowhedge unique characteristic as a village. It would also mean the loss of very valuable farmland, and the survival of mall family farms, which are an essential part of the ecology and character of the English countryside. Whilst I understand the need for developments, the Local Plan should also recognise the absolute necessity to preserve such village communities for future generations. Once the land is lost, it is lot for ever and you as a council, have a very real responsibility to take this into account in your determination.

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