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Representation 1357 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Tom Burridge

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Strategic Sports, DM4: Sports Provision
Representation: Availability of sports and recreation facilities must be a priority - with an increasing population, there must be more facilities, not just new replacement facilities.

Original submission

Mill Rd is proposed for res + emp redevelopment + a component of open space in accordance with a future masterplan to be prepared.

On behalf of the Colchester Gladiators American Football Club, we object to the current local plan strategy as it is not likely to take account of the needs of American Football, Rugby League or Cricket Club(s) - many of the incumbents at Mill Road.

The proposals talk about replacing sports facilities, but not augmenting them with extra multisport centres to accommodate the vast growth of Colchester. The current facilities are at breaking point, and whilst new facilities are planned, they are largely replacing others which are due to be sold for development. Provision of fit for purpose sports centres, or even a lease agreement to facilitate development of privately owned facilities, must be a priority.

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