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Representation 1346 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs J Trussell-Johnson

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: I am very concerned about more housing being built, Mersea is losing its character of a village and being rural. No capacity at Doctors Surgery, Loss of police station and increase of anti social behaviour

Original submission

Iam very concerned about more houses being built, Ihave lived Colchester and here 50 years now. And there have been so much built over those years. Mersea is losing its character of a village and being rural.

Colchester Council have allowed the caravan site to grow vast and have also been givenlmonths, some 12 months they are never taken into account in the planning, many people are selling their houses and living permanent in caravans on Mersea and site owners do not care money talks these caravans are not included in the planning for the borough.

Trying to get appointments with the doctors takes two- three weeks at least, yes they are moving to the old police station but that will cause more problems parking and returning to the main road.

We have lost our police station, I'm sorry but we do need this, with the type of people coming here. The roads are fuller, parking is terrible in the summer and double parked both side of not wide roads. Speeding on 30-40 to get to their caravans, motor bike ,scooter other weekends.

I have a son that lives on new estate off East Road when he bought was told the low cost houses were for Mersea people, most have been bought to rent and the council are sending people from Colchester here with drug problem etc. To me that's unfair. I've seen women fighting and swearing at their children shocking. You cannot mix both together. Sorry I grew up in the East End .More houses in East Mersea been built over £400.00.

So as you can see Iam against more building or caravan licences, on Mersea and would like the planning panel to take this into account .

j .Trussell-Johnson

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