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Representation 1327 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs. Marilyn Turner

Support / Object: SUPPORT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Dedham and Dedham Heath, SS6: Dedham Heath Housing Sites
Representation: I wish to support the three draft development proposals for DH

Original submission

On behalf of John and Marilyn Turner of Great Hickle Lodge, Dedham Heath (DH) I wish to support the three draft development proposals for DH but also to augment them with one extra site. In the draft Local Plan sent out for consultation I consider the centre of DH will be better balanced in future due to these infill developments. It is heartening that properties suitable for potential down-sizing (and for starter homes) have these points made in their favour. Older people still tend to live in large property units after their family and/or partner has gone and this is a real problem around here. It is financially very difficult for elderly people to downsize in Dedham so they tend to hang on; living in over-large houses before the care home becomes imperative or the grim reaper finally calls.

Regarding my objection I wish to make representation for Local Plan additional inclusion. I request consideration be given for the Coggeshall Road (East side) defined settlement boundary to be increased by c. 75 roadside metres towards the Ardleigh direction; so it extends from the end of Old Hall to include the first part (c. half) of the width of Great Hickle Lodge's garden.

To us (and I am sure to others) it would be the logical end to this settlement. The two existing Great Hickle properties are already built in a straight line c. 90 degrees to the road and the addition of another property further towards Coggeshall Road would continue that form and create a defining end to this part of DH. Great Hickle Lodge itself although back from the road is visible to those progressing along Coggeshall Road who no doubt (wrongly) assume that this property's garden is already within the settlement boundary. Under this proposal there would remain a significant strategic barrier of agricultural land, with no buildings at all, between a "new" DH planning boundary and Ardleigh. I make no representations to cover the other side of Coggeshall Road which is currently heavily wooded.

If the new Local Plan included this modification I would seek planning permission to build a dwelling with ground floor bedroom / wet room facilities; so my husband could be housed downstairs. He suffers from chronic heart failure and although his drugs will no doubt keep him going for say 12+ years; he is a blue badge holder and does not have sufficient breath so as to easily undertake normal domestic activities. That includes any regular climbing of household stairs and gardening etc.

Such a dwelling, if approved, will be architect designed and in keeping with the locality and cause no hedgerow to be sacrificed. Nor will it involve having a new entrance onto Coggeshall Road, as the existing entranceway for the existing two houses would be used. We have both lived here for some 35 years and have no wish to voluntarily leave this site; so permission to build a dwelling suited to our changed requirements would be a real boon. We never applied for permission to build before because we had no need. This has regrettably changed and we consider that our medical need (which of course can be professionally substantiated) should, in the absence of an already clear-cut case for our proposal, be also taken into account as an exceptional factor in support of this proposed settlement boundary modification.

I apologise for not attaching a site plan but this is solely because I lack the technical capability to actually do it on line. I have agreed with Beverley McClean that it will be in order to submit a hardcopy plan to you in due course.

Marilyn Turner (Mrs)

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