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Representation 1326 on Preferred Options Local Plan by MR Graham Gilman

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Abberton and Langenhoe, SS1: Abberton and Langenhoe Housing Sites
Representation: The wildlife in this area will be devastated ie. nightingales,adders,deer,hedgehogs,bats and newts.
Gardens in Peldon Road flood in winter, this development would exacerbate this situation due to poor drainage and clay soil.
Access in and out of these sites would be difficult due to the speed of traffic and limited visability.
Village facilities no longer exist with no shops,no pub and waiting lists for doctors.
These areas were outside of the village envelope, what is the point of having an envelope for sustainable development when it can just be altered at the bequest of a developer?

Original submission

I oppose the development at Ashpark house for the following reasons.This area is rich in wildlife being a home for nightingales,adders,deer,bats,newts and hedgehogs.
The rear gardens in Peldon Road suffer severe flooding in winter due to poor drainage of the clay soil further building would exacerbate this situation.
Traffic access onto Peldon road would be dangerous due to speed of traffic and limited visibility.
This is one of the last remaining areas of open greenery in the village proving a route for wildlife down to the reservoir and should stay so.
This area was outside of the village envelope, what is the point of setting an envelope if it can be changed at the bequest of a developer?
Facilities within the village are non existant, no shops,no pub,the school is crowded and local doctors surgeries full,
Many of the above also apply to the other two sites listed in Peldon Road, plus the problem of access in and out of the road at the Layer road junction
The other two sites are in a dangerous position for access onto Peldon Road with no current footpath.
There are many other large housing developments currently taking place around Colchester , there is not a need to use up more greenfied/agricultural land in the villages which make up this pleasant area.

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