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Representation 1323 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr David Stovell

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Great Horkesley
Representation: The village infrastructure is at capacity and even with the proposed improvements, it will not be able to cope with the increased traffic volumes that will inevitably arise as a result of this and other local developments.

Original submission

There are a number of concerns regarding this proposed development, the most significant of which for me is the statement contained within 6.159 that the village infrastructure is already at capacity. The proposals refer to the need to providing adequate sewage infrastructure and improvements for cyclists which is only appropriate, but how will the local roads cope with yet more traffic? What plans are there to improve the traffic flow? Has a detailed study been undertaken to assess the impact of current traffic volume and potential future volumes? The proposal refers to the need to provide crossing opportunities across Nayland Road, but can the road infrastructure itself cope with the increased volume?
I appreciate that this is an anecdotal view, but there has already been a noticeable increase in traffic through the village since the commencement of the as yet unfinished Myland developments, as well as the link road to the A12. Quite simply, north Colchester cannot cope with an even greater volume of traffic, much of which is then being funneled into the most obvious and direct route towards the town centre, namely the road bridge at North Station. The outcome from that are extended journey times for all users, with even bus services being caught in the delays, regardless of the provision of some designated bus lanes.
This development may hint at offering improvements to the A134, but much of the increased traffic volume will also use the roads to the east and west of the A134, virtually all of which can be classified as 'country lanes'. Not only do those roads not have the capacity to cope with additional usage, but such increases also pose a threat to the personal safety of existing residents and road users. What will be done to mitigate this risk?
What consideration is being given to other infrastructure-related issues, such as the capacity of the village primary school, broadband services, the provision of gas, etc?
For me, this is just one more proposal that if implemented will simply turn Great Horkesley from a village into a suburb of Colchester.

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