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Representation 1303 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Derek Adams

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - West Colchester, Stanway Area Housing/Other Allocations, Land between Churchfields Avenue, Church Lane and Partridge Way
Representation: Paragraph 6.73.
I strongly object to the proposal of building 28 Affordable Dwellings on the Parcel of Land known as SR6.

This parcel of land has always been known as to be open space under the planning application 99/0141 variation of condition 16 of application 97/1428 which by this condition prevents the planning system from allowing any such development on this area which must be complied to under this condition.

Original submission

Under condition 13 of the original application 90/1904 specifically stated that after the completion of Phase 1 this particular piece of land nominated as open space would be planted with 30 trees no later than 6 months from substantial completion. By now these trees would have been established and the application would not have been considered due to the risk of cutting down the trees which would have caused an uproar from the community, The Council specifically gave this condition was for the interest of visual appearance to the entrance of the Phase 1 Development. The Council enforcement Officer has confirmed this condition has been breached. We need to know the legality of this breech in terms of whether it is permitted to even consider any planning of a development on this parcel of land.

In accordance with the Masterplan 2002 of Lakelands showed the entrance as open space with no development, this agreement must be adhered to without equivocation.

Our moving to this development in 2005 was based upon the way the properties were designed and laid out across the Phase 1 and the overlooking of the lake which has brought immense satisfaction over the years and has allowed us to walk our dog around the whole development including across the open space area at the entrance of the development which the council even provided a waste bin for dogs in this area knowing full well this was an open space development at the time.

This latest design proposed by the developer for 28 Affordable Dwellings at the entrance and on the highest point of the development is atrocious and completely out of character with the surrounding properties and will completely ruin the visual effect of such a well-designed development.

In addition to the above which should not be considered for planning at all, the serious aspects concerning safety in around the development with the addition of increased cars and not enough parking, the dangers of accessing the roundabout, blind spots, children walking across this busy road, and the difficulties of the utilities vehicles trying to approach the development around this horrendous Premier Inn looking building.

We will all fight this planning application to the point where sense will prevail, Colchester Council need to understand how the community feels about this proposal and turn down this application in its entirety.

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