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Representation 1301 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Mark Watchorn

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - North Colchester, NC3: North Colchester, Land north of Achnacone Drive Braiswick
Representation: Strongly object for following reasons:
Overburdened existing infrastructure, schooling and doctors surgery;
Increased traffic a danger to residents and their children.
Noise and environmental pollution;
Clearly not a big enough area for 30 new houses to be in keeping with existing dwellings and will make the area another over populated housing estate rather than the desirable and safe cul de sac it is at present.

If this land is surplus to the golf club's requirements then as a not for profit organisation they could make this area available to the local community where families could go and their children play in a safe environment.

Original submission

My wife and I strongly support the existing objections to the proposed development. The current infrastructure, schooling and doctors surgery is already exhausted and stretched to its limits, and further development will only exacerbate the existing problems. By destroying one existing property in a very desirable cul de sac to create 30 new houses behind it will make the area just another over developed estate with the increased traffic flow a danger to residents and their children. Furthermore, there is clearly not the available space to create 30 new homes that would be in-keeping with the existing dwellings. I struggle to see why a members run not for profit organisation would propse such a development. If this land is surplus to the golf club's requirements, then surely they could turn it into an area for the local community where children could play safely.

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