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Representation 1299 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr David Geary

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Great Horkesley, SS9: Great Horkesley
Representation: Increasing traffic & crime without investment or consideration for mitigating actions. Poor communications with residents. This website unhelpful, wordy, and difficult to use (deliberate?)...

Concern there is a plan to slowly eliminate the village/rural nature of Great Horkesley as representatives have little comprehension of the consequences.

More housing before the consequences of already approved developments are known or mitigated?

Unsustainable, unnecessary development driven by greed through the "call for sites" programme.

Original submission

The Village is already enlarged beyond its infrastructure or access. To deal with either of these requires accepting that Great Horkesley is to simply become a part of Colchester, another Myland development. We have not yet seen the impact of the latter on the already stretched infrastructure. I have personally measured speeds of cars in the 30mph limit in excess of 60mph; crime is already increasing (not just traffic) but there is insufficient policing. Our representatives on both the Parish Council, with a few exceptions, and CBC are quite content to take the easy route, and allow developments without considering the consequences. This is highly evident through the lackadaisical and unimaginative approach to communications.

Under NO circumstances can the new Village Hall be expanded; it is perfectly adequate now. the road access is poor. Expanding either the Hall or the Roads requires changing the nature of the Village. It also leaves residents picking up the tab for a Hall which would likely become unviable.

The A134 cannot be improved, cannot be widened, and already cannot cope.

Rural nature of the area under extreme threat from this and creeping other proposals. I expect a new road to Sudbury, a dual carriageway across fields, to be proposed any time now. This needs to stop.

Demonstrable inability of various agencies to police existing policies, unlikely that will change so how can we have confidence in this Local Plan?

Sadly I feel I am wasting my time leaving a comment as I believe some decisions are already made.

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