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Representation 1269 on Preferred Options Local Plan by MR Alan Mason

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, West Mersea
Representation: Infrastructure not able to cope with more dwellings. Roads, Doctors, shops, roads and parking need major improvement but there is no more room.

Original submission

West Mersea is already too crowded to cope with a further 350 houses. There are 2 supermarkets correct but their car parks are always full and the sites are incredibly busy- There is also no room for these to expand. The Doctors is almost impossible to get an appointment , on the day you are ill, unless you are prepared to go and queue outside 45 minutes before they are open, which you do not want to do if you are ill. The roads and making areas are insufficient to be able to cope with the current residents and the influx , (about the same as the current population) of summer visitors. It is very difficult at all times to find a parking space anywhere.

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