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Representation 1262 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Hilary Stehle

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Great Horkesley
Representation: I have issues with the need for housing versus farming when we are outside of Europe

The A134 is dangerous and only serious redevelopment along its entire length through this village would make it safe.

If the houses are built, then we need a second shop at the heart of the village.

The Scouts, Guides and other Youth Groups should be gifted the Old Hall and site for proper redevelopment.

Medical services, emergency services, and traffic congestion are more needy causes than housing.

Original submission

It is irresponsible of Councils to encourage farmers and landowners to sell off land for development. In years to come and when we are outside of Europe, Great Britain may come to regret what has been lost.

Also, it may not be necessary to build all of these houses in Colchester or indeed anywhere in the UK. Colchester should stop being a puppet to Central Government and say that 'enough is enough'.

The A134 is a very dangerous road and adding to the number of junctions in the heart of the village is unthinkable. Anyone considering cycling or walking along the A134 is discouraged by the state of the footways, speeding motorists and heavy lorries.

The Parish Council now says that it will reconsider what has been asked for in return for recommending that development be allowed. At the meeting with Planners the Parish Council's view was unfortunately that it is a "done deal".

If the development does go ahead, then we need a second shop in the heart of the village, the Scouts, Guides and other Youth Groups should be allowed to take over the whole of the site of the Old Village Hall which could then be properly redeveloped, and a proper path incorporating a cycle way should run right through the village.

Medical Facilities, Emergency Services, the Police, Schooling for juniors and seniors, and Traffic Congestion, must all be addressed before these developments can be allowed.

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