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Representation 1256 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Tollgate Partnership Limited represented by Barton Willmore (Mr Alistair Ingram)

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Central Colchester: Town Centre, TC3: Town Centre Allocations
Representation: The Plan does not set out how the need for 36,760 sq m net sales comparison floorspace can be accommodated. Identified sites are not capable of accommodating the need in full, as required by the NPPF. The Council is required to undertake sequential assessment to meet the need and has not done so.

The sequential assessment should include existing Urban District Centre sites, including land north and south of Tollgate West (also known as Tollgate Village), a part-in / part edge-of-centre location to the existing Tollgate District Centre and could contribute to meeting identified needs.

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