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Representation 1236 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Stephen White

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Dedham and Dedham Heath, SS6: Dedham Heath Housing Sites
Representation: sites for development have not been carried out with enough public consultation. The site impact on AONB , busy crossroads, overloaded drainage system

Original submission

I am not convinced that the selection of the proposed sites for development have been carried out with enough public consultation.
The sites that appear to have been selected all impact on the aonb, they are all located near a busy crossroad, they are all in an area with serious drainage and sewage problems, one site has a covenant forbidding development.

The sites that have been excluded all appear to be at least as suitable as the chosen sites.

Colchester Borough Council appear to be changing the planning rules that us residents have to abide by just when it suits them.

Stephen White
Westvale, High St. Dedham. CO7 6HL

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