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Representation 1218 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Jane Grant

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Tiptree
Representation: Parking provision for Tiptree Heath Primary School and The Ship Inn PH.

Original submission

Currently there is no parking or drop off provision for students and parents at Tiptree Heath Primary school. This creates a congested and dangerous situation around the school and conflict with local residents. The proposed development of adjacent sites provides an opportunity to alleviate this and create parking provision for the school alongside a safe and regulated drop off point.
The bus stop opposite the school is also currently located on a narrow footpath and the development in this area would allow this to be enhanced or relocated if necessary
The Ship PH adjacent to TIP12, currently does not have sufficient provision for car parking, causing dangerous overspill parking on local roads and driveways. A new car park, located to the rear of the PH would alleviate these concerns and provide the space alongside the current highway for improvements and access into the development.

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