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Representation 1217 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Jane Grant

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Tiptree, SS15: Tiptree
Representation: Tiptree: New junction on Maldon Road at The Ship PH and associated cycle and footways to serve this area.

Original submission

The provision of 600+ homes in Tiptree should include an improvement to both road safety and sustainable transport. This could include a new road junction at The Ship PH at the junction of Maldon Road/West End Road, which will improve the way Maldon Road functions and help to reduce the traffic volumes outside Tiptree Heath Primary School. The development would also give the opportunity to provide dedicated cycle lanes/routes and wide footways alongside this new road. Maldon Road is currently constrained in this area by existing properties and so it is difficult to enhance the current provision both in terms of road alignment, cycle and footway improvements.
There is a regular bus service along the Maldon road and dialogue with the current franchisee could potentially secure provision for the buses to run on the new road, to give greater access to the proposed houses with dedicated bus laybys. This would form part of a package of measures which could be put in place to help to ensure that the development would meet the sustainable transport objectives identified.
This solution would help to alleviate the dangerous road alignment on the Tiptree side of The Ship PH and utilise the current car park of The Ship PH to reshape the road in this area and provide a new junction to TIP27, TIP01 and TIP03.

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