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Representation 1212 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Jane Grant

Support / Object: COMMENT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Tiptree, SS15: Tiptree
Representation: Comment on the design and location of new housing in Tiptree and the potential to create a visual buffer between Tiptree and Tiptree Heath.

Original submission

The 600+ proposed houses in Tiptree would need to be designated to a high standard, positively respond to its context and achieve good standards of amenity. Through the use of an appropriate landscaping scheme which would serve to integrate any development into the existing street scape, these objectives can be achieved.
TIP12 would also be able to be developed to provide a visual buffer between Tiptree settlement and Tiptree Heath if required. The Ship PH already provides an amenity to the local community and the access to this could be improved and enhanced by relocating the car park and turning the current car park into a new road junction with associated planting. This would help to soften the kerbside appearance in this area as well as improving safety for those using The Ship PH.

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