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Representation 1190 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Jane Grant

Support / Object: COMMENT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Tiptree
Representation: Proposed new junction and link road utilising TIP12 at the Ship Inn PH to facilitate development of TIP27, TIP01 and TIP03.

Original submission

To ensure that appropriate infrastructure is provided in order to deliver 600+ houses in the District Centre of Tiptree on the sites identified by the Strategic Land Availability Assessment (SLAA), new road links will need to be created.
TIP12 provides the opportunity to create a new junction and new link road into sites TIP27, TIP01, TIP03 which have all been identified green by the SLAA. Delivery of TP12 should therefore be considered for allocation in order to ensure a well-connected and integrated development at Tiptree can be provided. .
TIP12 may provide the necessary road improvement and amenity space for this new development and in addition a junction and new road in this location would mitigate the blind corner on Maldon road, past the Ship Inn pub and take traffic volume away from the area around Tiptree Heath Primary School, thus making a safer area for the school. Amenities for the school including parking and green spaces on site TIP12 may help provide the necessary demarcation between Tiptree and the settlement of Tiptree Heath and a green buffer amenity space to ensure that the settlement boundaries are not blurred.

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