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Representation 119 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Ian Porter

Support / Object: SUPPORT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Fordham, SS8: Fordham
Representation: Fordham village is able to sustain up to 20 new dwellings , With good design and careful planning creating a nice place to live, and bringing in young families to rejuvenate the village .

Original submission

I feel the village can easily accommodate up to 20 new dwellings, it will bring new families into the village who will probably use the local shop/post office & village pub therefore creating some economic growth. The new Households can send their children to an outstanding Junior School , with the follow on School being The Stanway School. A contracted bus is provided to take children from the village therefore reducing car usage. I hope there will be an even number of rented properties and affordable housing My only concern is the Pedestrian link to the existing development at Rams Farm Road, If the route is through the wild life area then an Environmental Impact Assessment will be required as Badgers and deer have been seen.

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