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Representation 1183 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Katy Adams

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - West Colchester, WC2: Stanway, Land between Church Lane, Churchfields and Partridge Way
Representation: CBC were not transparent with SPC or residents regarding their intentions on this parcel of land, in fact they appeared to purposefully hide the fact that they had overlooked the open space when granting the approval of the masterplan. It seems as though CBC delayed plans from coming to the surface to avoid challenge, now we find this reserved matters application, already presented to the planning committee for approval on the 6th September is part of the Local Plan 2017 - 2032 Preferred Options.

This open space can be retained as confirmed by barrister Jonathan Clay - opinion dated 20/08/16

Original submission

Changes in the current local plan are due to a permission already given rather than it being a genuine preferred option being put forward.

CBC failed to enforce the landscaping scheme in 2006 within planning application COL/97/1428 which would have had a massive impact on the DAS 2010. The 30 trees would have matured and scrubs flourished within the existing grassland.
The DAS changed the land designation from public open space (previously part of phase 1) to residential without any public consultation, instead it was discharged quietly by delegated powers.

NR10 (152804) should not set a precedence for Flagship Housing with regards to density as this appears to have been passed according to an 'action plan' without full Statutory Consultation (computer glitch as reported to SPC). The application was plastered over the large screen in Moot Hall on 6th September '16 Planning Committee meeting shouting we have crammed in 31 affordable housing and even manage to squeeze in an extra one in. In my mind it's a disgrace to our Borough,

The current adopted SPD on affordable housing recommending approx 15 units per parcel for pepper-potting in larger developments and the masterplan approved for the outline permission stating "affordable housing should be pepper-potted in parcels no more than 12 units".

The mound has been used for recreation of Lakelands Phase 1 residents and nearby neighbours for over 10 years, the grass has been maintained by CBC to create an entrance befitting to the Churchfields entrance to the development, this is the highest point in the development and most certainly not an area to demonstrate poor design resulting in inadequate open space and large areas of car parking on an "island" site.

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