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Representation 1168 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Dr Robert Lenart

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Abberton and Langenhoe, SS1: Abberton and Langenhoe Housing Sites
Representation: re : Ashpark site

Glebe Lane is narrow with ditches either side, passing oncoming vehicles is difficult. .
There will be significant impact on wildlife, most notably nesting nightingales.

Re: all three proposed sites:

Tranquility will be disturbed as will the very nature of this village. This is not what the residents want.
The local primary school & GP surgery have very limited capacity to expand.
With significant housing development north of Colchester, building on green belt land to the south is totally unnecessary.

Original submission

Ashpark House:

Both Glebe Lane and the drive-in to Ashpark house are narrow so access to multiple properties will be a significant issue. Both have severely restricted visibility when pulling out onto Peldon Road and an increase in traffic flow is likely to increase the risk of accidents.

Glebe Lane already services 8 properties and passing oncoming vehicles involves pulling to the edges of ditches on either side. Increased traffic flow would be a serious issue without widening the lane and addressing ditch draining issues. The Lane is privately owned.

The mature trees & hedgerow along Glebe Lane are home to variety of native species, most notably breeding nightingales. Developing on this site is undoubtedly going to negatively impact this species, let alone the newt & adder populations.
The villages of Abberton & Langenhoe have no desirable services such as a pub or shop within safe walking distance, so proposed new home owners will need to use motorised transport to access these facilities, thus further increasing traffic-flow.

Regarding infrastructure, I understand that the local primary school is over-subscribed. Certainly the nearest GP surgery in Layer-de-la-Haye is very busy and has limited capacity for expansion.

Like many, we moved to Abberton as it is tranquil with good access to the countryside - one of its major features. Enlarging the village will undoubtedly be the first step in destroying the identity of the village.

Colchester is already undergoing significant housing expansion, especially much closer to the A12 trunk road (which is the other side of town to Abberton & Langenhoe). I fail to see a need for expansion into the green belt south of the town as well.

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