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Representation 1117 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr John Hinge

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: As a new inhabitant of the island I have come up against the current challenges of living on the island over the last 6 months. These challenges have been around the current infrastructure and the amount of visitors on and off the island with only one access road and little parking. So to propose 350 more houses, meaning around 1000 more inhabitants ( I think there are currently 6000 on the island) is a massive increase that will not be able to be successfully sustained on Mersea Island without negative consequences for the current Mersea Island inhabitants.

Original submission

Having recently moved to Mersea Island in April 2016 it is clear that there seems to be a strain on the current infrastructure with the current inhabitant on Mersea Island. Trying to register for a doctors, dentist and looking at the only school available has been a real challenge.On top of this getting on and off the island, particularly during the summer weekends has also been a real challenge with all of the visitors to the beach and sailing areas and parking is to put it bluntly... Limited! So to propose increasing the number of inhabitants...by building 350 more houses (around 700 - 1000 more people) would make living on the island congested and even more challenging than it already is.
I cannot see why building so many houses in a small area with only one access road on and off the island, providing no emergecy services (except a fire station) could even be considered.
I totally object to the proposal of building so many houses on the island, which will change it from a pleasant but mildly challenging area to live, to an overcrowded under resourced island!

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