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Representation 1096 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Kathryn Shackshaft

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Layer de la Haye, SS12: Layer de la Haye
Representation: Not enough infra structure in village to support 50 new dwellings, especially roads, footpaths, school, doctors surgery and public transport. If built vehicle access to be via Folly as existing estate already heavily congested by parked cars. Safety a great concern, especially for children playing in open areas for estate. Malting Green Road doesn't have footpath running full length and is being heavily used by speeding traffic as a cut through to access Stanway and A12 at peak times. The Folly is also used as a cut through to avoid congestion on Berechurch Hall Road.

Original submission

I object the single access via Hawfinch Road/Great House Farm Road. The existing estate is already heavily congested with only single line traffic being able to flow from later afternoon as people return from work. Emergency & service vehicles, especially fire engines. dust carts,already have great difficulty in accessing various roads. Many of the roads have areas that children use to play in especially at the end of school and during school holidays if the traffic flow is increased to allow access to 50 new houses a serious accident is bound to happen. There should be access points via the Folly for the new development so vehicles can access the main Colchester road without going through the estate. Footpath and Cycle path access to the existing housing would allow a safer route for access for the main part of the village and the school. A new footpath down the Folly to the junction with Layer Road (at the Donkey & Buskin) would also connect the new build to the village,

Malting Green Road has had an increased traffic flow with cars cutting through to Stanway/Tiptree for the A12 from Abberton, Mersea Island, Peldon with the new housing that has already been permitted in these areas. Malting Green Road has no footpath till it reaches Hawfinch Road.

Traffic turning let from Hawfinch Road onto Malting Green Road is turning into a stretch of road that has no footpath and is heavily congested with cars parking for the Doctors Surgery. This is also a pickup/drop off point for the Senior school Bus with 15+ children at a peak time for traffic leaving for work.

This Surgery is already over subscribed with registered Patients having great difficulty getting appointments.

The village school is at full capacity. Young familes who have moved to the village have be forced to take their children to primary schools across town for at least two years before a place has become available! This is not good for the child's education and adds to traffic congestion in town.

The village doe NOT have a post office (as stated in the plan).

The bus service has recently been cut again. Some buses only run term time which means that most people are dependent on owning a car.

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