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Representation 1068 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Gill Dedhar

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Boxted, SS3: Boxted Housing Sites
Representation: Boxted Cross is not sustainable for development, neither is Mill Road in Boxted, since neither area has adequate facilities to support the current population. If Mill Road is not suitable for development, then neither is Boxted Cross. Increases in traffic through and into the village are detrimental to the character of the village. Public transport is inadequate.

Original submission

I accept that if the Boxted Neighbourhood Plan is made at referendum in September, then that will be the planning document for Boxted. However, the Neighbourhood Plan and the Local Plan cite Boxted Cross as suitable for development.
Firstly, the Mill Road area, a short 10 minute walk from Boxted Cross, has access to the same limited facilities as Boxted Cross. There are houses continuously between Boxted Cross and Mill Road, though not on both sides of straight Road. I see no reason why Boxted Cross should be deemed to be suitable for development and Mill Road not.
Secondly, the Parish and Borough councils cite the school as a facility - the school was relocated to Boxted Cross, and is now being used as a reason to extend the village envelope. Whilst it made sense for the school to be relocated to the larger area of population, the building of the school has already substantially altered the nature of Boxted Cross. With that and the Cuckoo Farm Park and Ride, traffic through Boxted Cross has increased substantially over the last several years. Parking for the school is an issue. A housing development, along with a recent extension to the school (which takes significant numbers of children from north Colchester, all driven to school) would completely destroy the rural village appearance. A housing development at what is a dangerous junction would inevitably lead to more traffic and then either more accidents or more urbanisation of the roads.
I fail to see how a village with such a limited bus service as Boxted can sustain further development. As it is, teenagers going to education in town (eg sixth form) have no way of getting in and out of their place of education by public transport. The local plan cites a bus stop at Boxted Cross as a 'facility'. There are other bus stops along Straight Road, including at Mill Road none of which are any use unless there is an adequate bus service. The same applies to Boxted Cross.
If Boxted must have extra housing, there is no reason to specify Boxted Cross as opposed to land between Boxted Cross and Mill Road. The village envelope does not include Hill Farm at present and it should not be altered to include this land.

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