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Representation 1058 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Paul Rickwood

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Layer de la Haye, SS12: Layer de la Haye
Representation: Loss of privacy for existing residents.

Highway safety at Layer Fox, narrow pathway to the school.

Increased traffic generation with inadequate public walkway.

Road access for construction traffic into the village combined with the two points above.

Previous planning denied and no changes since.

Inadequate Public service Infrastructure.

Nature conservation.

Visual impact of the development.

Original submission

Loss of privacy.

Currently the properties of Martin End back onto the field providing us with privacy. Occupants are concerned that development will create overlooking houses resulting in the loss of the privacy which was their reason for moving to the village.

Highway safety and Traffic generation.

Both routes to the proposed development involves difficult crossroads, one with no pedestrian walkway via The Folly, and the other with just a single narrow pathway which is the main pedestrian route to Layer Primary School. The development will increase both motor and pedestrian traffic and would adversely affect highway and pedestrian safety.

Road access.

Greate House Farm Road / Martin End is currently a quiet Cul-De-Sac providing a safe environment for our children to play and walk to school. I don't consider these roads as suitable for heavy development traffic.

Previous planning decisions (including appeal decisions).

We believe that the proposal was already denied several years ago, I do not believe that anything has changed regarding infrastructure so why should it be approved this time? It was mentioned at the planning meeting that the bus service to Layer had actually reduced.


I recently called our GP for a non-urgent appointment and could not be seen for 6 weeks. The practice is already running at full capacity as is the primary school. The bus service is only hourly and is not consistent through the day.

Nature conservation.

We have a multitude of wildlife inhabiting the field including several bats which fly around the gardens at dusk. What actions will be taken to protect their habitat?

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