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Representation 1051 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Sandy Measor

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Layer de la Haye, SS12: Layer de la Haye
Representation: Too much traffic going through the Hawfinch Road access to the existing estate.
Public safety no speed calming system.
No good reason why the entrance cannot be in The Folley

Original submission

I have lived on the corner of Swallow Close and Hawfinch Road(not Hawthorn Road as stated in your text) for over 20 years and have noticed over the last few years a significant increase in traffic passing my property. In my opinion, there is already a safety risk along this road. It has no speed calming system and a lot of vehicles travel this road at unacceptable speeds. This proposed development will most definitely see an increase in traffic and heighten the risk is public safety. It would be good to hear the rationale for the proposal to gain entrance to the development through the estate rather than the more sensible and safer option of The Folley. I would therefore ask for my strong objection to this plan noted. Thank you and kind regards,
Mrs s Measor

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