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Representation 1050 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Anne McAndrew

Support / Object: COMMENT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Layer de la Haye, SS12: Layer de la Haye
Representation: 50 homes maximum.
Cars through estate unrealistic, doesn't encourage walking.
To Colchester past cars outside doctors & walkers no footpaths, or by crossroads. Estate choked cars. Access Folley cars straight to Colchester.
Sewage pipes estate incorrect.
School full.
Parent parking crises.
+15 pupils re homes? Downsizing larger homes means more children.
Doctors understaffed.
Crossroad Church Road, Fox fence, telegraph pole obscuring.
Buses bad.
Access village inadequate.
Crashes bridge B1026, Gosbecks Road roundabout, blocked constant flow from Berechurchhall.
Friday Woods bridge!
Birch Lake council won't maintain bridge.
Many without super-fast broadband.
Promised green space per councillors, playing, walking, trees left, but Councillors come/go!
Construction traffic Folley only option.

Original submission

50 homes on the Folley site is the maximum we believe should be built as there are many problems that have not been addressed. We know how builders like to increase house numbers once they have initial planning permission and have no confidence in any promises give at the local meetings. We have been promised a green walkways all round the field where these homes are to go.
The idea that all cars will come out through the present estate is not realistic.
1. Parents will be encouraged to drive to school causing even more traffic jams and dangerous parking. Footpaths only on to the estate would encourage walking to all the local facilities.
2. Workers rushing in to Colchester by car would have to either turn left down Maltings Green Road and negotiate the cars parked outside the doctors and any walkers as there are no footpaths this way, or turn right and proceed to the crossroads. The estate is already choked by cars. If the road access was in the Folley many car could get straight from there to Colchester without the many obstructions on the other route.
Our sewage on the present estate is of the incorrect size. The pipes have a diameter of 4" not the regulation 6". Over the years we have had to rake out the sewers several times a year. Those of us who live at the end of our cul-de-sac block up first and the smell is not pleasant. Anglian Water have now acknowledge this to be the problem and agred in future to unblock them free of charge.
Layer de la Haye School.
1.This is at full capacity now.
2.The problems with parents parking is at crises point. They block every road and the drives to peoples houses, use yellow lines and school zone markings, and even block the hall car park. The school zone markings are used continuously throughout the day now causing cars to meet head on at the bend outside the school in New Cut There is nowhere to park extra cars at end of school days or school functions.
3. Estimated 15 extra children at school because of the new homes! The idea that has been muted is that there will be starter homes and bungalows for those who wish to downsize. No-one has taken into account that people moving from larger homes will free up these houses that will take more children wanting school places.
Infrastructure needed.
Footpath to the doctors surgery is needed, it is so dangerous for infirm walkers or those with prams and even worse when it is dark. Layer is a cut through to Tollegate and the A12/A120 many drivers exceed the speed limit.
The doctors surgery needs to be manned properly, it certainly isn't at present.
At the crossroad there is poor visibility for salon cars and smaller to see what is coming from Church road as the Fox Inn has a fence and a telegraph pole obscuring the view.
Layer doesn't have a post office.
Layer doesn't have a decent bus service.
Every access to and from the village is inadequate.
There are regular crashes into the bridge over the river below the Donkey and Buskin Inn. It is narrow with a bend. Another 75 cars in the village will test this to the limit.
The bridge leading out of the village past Friday Woods is in a bad state, narrow and at times dangerous.
The road across Birch Lake leading to the A12/A120 has a bridge that the council will not maintain expecting the local farmer to finance any repairs. Without this route cars would have to go past the school where there are cars parked all over the place and children crossing the road, then via Layer Road B1026/Gosbecks Road double roundabout.. The traffic here in the rush hour already stacks back towards Layer de la Haye as there is a constant flow of cars from Berechurchhall road.

A good proportion of the village still cannot receive super-fast broadband including the Folley.
Loss of countryside.
The sort of green space envisioned by the current councillors round this site with room for children to play and people to walk with the current trees left in situ is a lovely idea, but that is all it is at the moment. Councillors come and go!
The local footpath from the High Road to the Folley is impassable for nearly all year, it is below the level of the fields so floods and is not maintained.
Finally construction traffic coming though the village and on to the estate is of great concern. The Folley is the only option for access to the site.
Having attended all the local meetings and commented on the initial plan I was very upset to discover that my submission has been lost even though I have an acknowledgement for it. I trust this will not be lost or materially altered. I have kept a copy.

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